Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the book Magyk, the first book of Septimus Heap series, is all about a young boy named Septimus Heap who is the seventh son of the seventh son. He was born into a family of wizards and has to learn about his confusing life. On the night of his birth he was announced dead so he was took away. On the same night a baby girl with violet eyes was found in the forest by Septimus’s father. So the baby becomes a part of the Heap family. This book has many twists and turns to figure out why and how it all happened to Septimus’s family. This book is very sad because a mother loses her child, happy because everything falls into place for Sepitmus’s family and interesting because the settings keep changing and flipping. Plus you never know who is going to turn up to be who.
Interested? Check out the book from your library and check out the author's web site.